Culture of Assessment in the US

While everyone is well aware of the term culture, putting it together with assessment mind throw you off for a bit. As the word culture is defined as the summated experiences of beliefs or a person depending on the knowledge and the value, culture of assessment can be defined as one of those attributes of the whole experience. Some of the designate a few key characteristics when it comes to culture of assessment which is:

  • Every decision that is made and administered needs to be data informed.
  • The involved staff in this whole assessment process must be comfortable being self-critical.
  • The improvement of every person involved in the whole assessment process is very much required and shouldn’t be just restricted to the students but the entire staff.

While it may be a question as why the culture of assessment is necessary while hiring an individual to deal with the same task seems a lot easier, it should be noted that the individuals who are wholly involved throughout the entire process of assessment are the ones who are very well aware and informed about the entire ordeal and can act on the same more efficiently.


  • Being self-critical:

The first and the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that nothing in this world is perfect, not even the assessment that you are dealing with. A culture of assessment definitely and generally means that the individual should be up and ready to being self-critical. While some of the results from the assessments might make you feel positive about the achievements, some parts of it might lead to you believing and embracing the spots of improvement.

  • Know from the least:

Every assessment started off with being naive to the entire happenstance and started their journey knowing nothing about the assessment. While some people may be terrified of not knowing everything that is needed to be known, the trick of faking comes handy at times. On the other hand, the ones who are accustomed to a bit of the happening and are confident about it can definitely step up the gear and share the knowledge that you are aware of. Discussions and learning from the mistakes are two of the most important factors that determine a good culture of assessment.


  • Exploring and learning new things:

It doesn’t matter whether the individual knows every single thing about the assessment that they are dealing with, there is always something new that comes up which they are oblivious to. Stepping aside and embracing the new things and the information is yet another important feature of the culture of assessment. Exploring new ideas and learning new things intrigues the curiosity which is yet another positive thing.

  • Seek more:

The hunger for more is not bad if done in a constructive way. Culture of assessment in the United States involves individuals who are very well informed and are knowledgeable about the prospects of the assessment but the desire to not settle for a mediocre result and seeking for more is what set the bar up.

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