Education inthe United States

The education system of the United States is one of the most varied and the most organized education system in the world. It offers a rich and varying field of choices of subjects for both its home and international students. While the educations system may seem a bit complicated from the exterior point of view, getting an insight on the same is definitely going to help open those knots in the back of your mind. Understanding the American education system id definitely going to help you narrow down your choices for the best schools and institutions in the area.

The different stages of the educational system:

The educational system in the United States is nothing different from the other parts of the world, maybe a bit with the foundation and structure but the rest is same. The main stages that of being the primary and secondary schooling, followed by high schooling and then college or university.

  • Primary School:

The students in the United States start their schooling off with the primary school or what people often designate as the “Elementary school.” The admission to the primary school is mainly done at the age of six and prior to that, the children is admitted to either play schools or kindergartens. The time span of the primary school is that of five to six years after which the students are promoted to secondary schools.


  • Secondary Schools:

The secondary schooling of a student in the United States can be divided into two phases, one of which is known as the “junior high” and the other is known as the “senior high.” The rest of the schooling after the completion of the primary school comprises of these two stages after which the students opt for further and higher education in colleges or university.

  • College and University:

The further education in the United States after the schooling comprises of the students pursuing a Bachelor degree which is mainly of four years, followed by a master’s degree which can extend upto two years as such. The bachelor degree can be pursued either in a community college or even as a four-year course in a university. The first two years of a Bachelor degree mainly focuses on the wide variety of subjects encircling the major and the core subject. The rest mainly focuses on the major opted by the student. The master’s degree is mainly confined to classroom studies and submission of thesis papers termed as “master’s thesis” or “master’s project.”


Following the master’s the last and highest degree in the educational system is the doctorate degree.

Grading System:

The grading system of the American educational system can be a bit twisted and confusing from an outsider’s point of view. The students may have same kind of GPA but the schools they attended also plays a pivotal role in distinguishing the grades because of different and varying standards. The main grading system is done on the basis of the assessments and the grades achieved by the student throughout the academic year.

Hi there! Education System in United is way different from all other areas around the globe. Secondly there also is a lot of diversity in their educational system with in the country. In other words, you cannot just hop into a school

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