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What do you think about the educational system in United States?

Education System in United is way different from all other areas around the globe. Secondly there also is a lot of diversity in their educational system with in the country. In other words, you cannot just hop into a school without researching it properly that involves major emphasis on curriculum and examination methods. The kind of examination and types of question you will need to answer are totally different at all the places and schools and colleges have their own way in analysis through exams. Actually, there is not a curriculum or country level education system that exists for United States that is why it varies on the inside. For Instance; British people have their curriculum that is being followed in their country while such is not the case for United States.

What was your inspiration behind this site?

When I was a kid, I actually did not understand this thing that whenever my school is changed for one reason or other then why it took weeks to understand the new school. It is not the case that I am not friendly or suffered from making new friends but it is the schooling method and teaching techniques and practices that were different everywhere. Anyways, I understand that know and now that I have my own kids, I am checking out the school’s curriculum and teaching techniques before admitting my kids there. I also do try that the present curriculum should somehow be in accordance with the previous one so that my kids don’t have to suffer from environmental change on one hand and a complete schooling experience change on the other hand. This is the reason that I have researched a lot of schools and the ways they take their exams. Genuinely, it is the exams where my focus lies because teaching will somehow be of the same sort. And now that I have got to know about so many things about education here by my own experience and also by consulting with the education experts I thought why not share all this itsy bitsy information with others. I know a small information about the education can be a lot more helpful to the viewers and they can quickly get a grab of examination techniques and ways even if they are not local citizens.

What can the visitors of your site find here?

In this particular site, you will be able to find all types of content that are related to education system of United States, though as it is evident from the name that my primary emphasis will rely on examination that take place here. Typically what you will get from the content of this site will help you understand the test you have to take while you are in United States. From here, I will also take the content to upper levels and discussing about tests that are not for the students but maybe for teachers or other professionals. So, if you are not looking something about tests for your kid or want to know anything else about any other test of United States that too will be a part of this site.