Types Of Assessment In TheUSA Explained

When it comes to education, Assessment is the method opted where the educators use different methods for assessing a student’s knowledge and comprehensive abilities through different kinds of test. While there are a number of assessments like the placement assessment, pre-assessment and so on, the three pivotal types of assessment that are conducted in the United States are: Formative Assessment, Interim Assessment, and Summative Assessment.

  • Formative Assessment:

Formative Assessments are the evaluations that are associated with the student’s knowledge and learning that are conducted throughout the year in the form of different class quizzes and group discussions. The main purpose of the formative assessment is for a processed and complete feedback about what all the students are learning and about all the information. This feedback is very important for the instructional can upgrade the teaching materials along with the academic support that are given to them. The formative assessments that are conducted in the schools or institutions are generally not graded or scored and mainly are for the assessing the knowledge that the students are gathering.


  • Interim Assessment:

Interim Assessment is the ones that are used to evaluate the student’s ongoing learning progress and to keep in check whether they are on track with the learning and the knowledge of the curriculum. These assessments are mainly done to prepare the students for the further summative and standardized assessments like the SATs and ACTs. These kinds of assessment are conducted within a time span of six to eight weeks.

  • Summative Assessments:

Summative Assessments are the standardized tests that are conducted annually to evaluate the student’s learning typically in the form of a course, unit or semester. These are the evaluation tests that are normally scored and graded and are the ones that determine the promotion of the students along with the formative and the interim assessment. While formative assessments are conducted to keep in check the student’s learning and to modify and better the same for the summative assessments, the summative tests are the ones that are used for the evaluation of the academic evaluation of the student as a conclusion to the entire school year.

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Other kinds of assessment:

There are a several numbers of other assessments that are conducted in the United States, some of which are:

  • Pre-assessments:

These are the assessments that are administered before a student proceeds along with the lesson or the course. These are mainly done for generally establishing a baseline with respect to which the educator determines the learning progress of the student over the duration of the course. It also helps in evaluating and determining the general academic readiness that is associated with a course or program.

  • Placement Assessments:

These assessments are conducted mainly to determine which course is suitable for the student and which course would be more fruitful for them. They are generally administered before the initiation of the course or program and the main intention of these tests is to match the student’s ability with the appropriate course.

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