Types Of Tests Conducted In USA

Assessment or simple tests are the ones that play a pivotal role is deciding a student’s career and pave the way for the opportunities that are suitable for them. While everything is a race going on, a competition of sorts, Assessments should be designed as such to make a student’s performance and knowledge better and not just for the grades that the schools provide. There are a several numbers of tests that are conducted in the United States of America, some of which are the primary ones for the determination of a career for the students, which are the ones that we are going to talk about.

Standardized Assessment:

Standardized assessment has been a mandatory addition to the list of the test conducted in USA in which every school and institution conducts an annual test that is mainly based off on the curriculum and has a standard set of question. The duration of the test (which can be altered if the student is physically disabled) and even the time of the test that is conducted annually. These tests that are conducted by the school itself, commonly known as the “No Chile Left Behind act” aresomething that determines the promotion of the student from one grade to the other. The set of rules encircling the standardized tests were submitted in the year 2009 which is often termed as the “Common Core State Standards Initiative” mainly deals with the subject standardization, mainly that of English, Maths, and Science.


This kind of standardised test are not just limited to the schools located in the United States but definitely extend to the other spheres of education, even when it comes to the competitive admission tests and the different kind of aptitude tests that are conducted for further education in the USA.

Ability or Achievement tests:

The education of a student should never be limited to mere textbooks and the proper evaluation of what a student understands along with the knowledge and the comprehension in several sectors apart from the textbooks is yet another necessity. This kind of achievement tests can be subdivided into two different categories and those are very distinguishable from one another. They are:

Intelligence Quotient or IQ tests

The kind of IQ tests that are conducted in the United States in order to determine the knowledge gain of a student regarding different areas and prospects is known as the Intelligence Quotient tests. Some of the types of IQ tests conducted are:


  1. Stanford-Biner Intelligence Scales
  2. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
  3. Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence
  4. Differential Ability Test
  5. Otis-Lennon School Ability Test

Achievement Tests:

The other kind of the test that deals with the test of the rest of the comprehensive skills and the understanding of the student are what comprises the Achievement Tests.

Some of the major and the most popular ones are:

  1. Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement
  2. Wechsler Individual Achievement Test
  3. Woodcock-Johnson tests of Achievement
  4. Peabody Individual achievement test
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