Understanding The Educational System Of US

Education is an important way of life and the most important of leaving a perfect life. The importance of education has already felt by all and almost every country has started with its own education system. In whichever country you are living, before taking up the education, it is important to make yourself familiar with the education system that is followed there. If you are living in the US and think that the time has come that your kids join education now, and then you should go on knowing about the education system. Today, we will help you make yourself aware of the education system that prevails in the US.

The education system of US is similar to many other countries and is divided into many different levels and types. Let us start from the beginning level.

Primary and Secondary School

The system of primary levels runs in many countries and so in the US. Students in America have to join the primary followed by the secondary level that is of 12 years course in total. At the age of 6, students have to join the primary school and after attending to class six, they join the secondary school.


The secondary school further contains two programs, “middle school” or “junior high school” and “high school.” On completing the high school, a diploma certificate is awarded to the students.

Admission in the University

Different universities in the US act differently when it comes giving admissions to the students. There are a few common factors which make the base of the criteria of the giving admission to students. The universities give admission to students on their course of studies in high school and their GPA (Grade Point Average), their participation in extracurricular activities, ACT or SAT exam scores, a writing essay phase, and a personal interview.

The options and choices of subjects too differ and many options of subjects are given to the students to choose their subjects. The options of subjects are Mathematics, Economics, Arts, Social and Physical Science.

In the university, the level of education differs and we will try to help you out understanding the levels.

First Level, Undergraduate

The student after completing the higher school has to opt for the Bachelor’s degree which is also known as undergraduate level. It takes almost four years to get the bachelor’s degree. At this level, students are given the broad options to choose their subject before they get their master’s degree in the subject. They first get major in the subject and then if wish can go on to get the master degree.


Second Level, Graduate in Pursuit of Master’s Degree

If a student has taken their major subject seriously and wants to go for the further studies, they have to choose this degree. This degree is compulsory for higher level positions in certain professions.

Third Level, Graduate in Pursuit of a Doctorate Degree

Many students after completing Master’s degree often consider taking up the PhD degree. This is one of the highest degrees in the academic world and takes as long as 6 years to get the degree.

The education system of the US follows this pattern and there are many other options that they provide to their students to earn.

Hi there! Education System in United is way different from all other areas around the globe. Secondly there also is a lot of diversity in their educational system with in the country. In other words, you cannot just hop into a school

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